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Bygum All Natural Clove Spray

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Made with 100% Pure Clove Oil

Natural Mould Killer

Powerful Natural Deodoriser

Ideal for bathroom & toilet areas

Natural hard surface cleaner and sanitiser

Amazing Long Lasting Clove Aroma

100% active and convenient  PLUS No Waste !

Bygum Clove Spray is an amazingly powerful way to kill Mould naturally PLUS also to freshen and deodorise any area of your house, caravan, boat, car or truck as well as use for any of your favorite uses for pure Clove  Oil.

The aroma is extremely long lasting & powerful so will get rid of mouldy, musty or unpleasant odours wherever they occur

You can also spray on hard surfaces in kitchens , bathrooms and toilets to freshen, clean & remove germs

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Uses for Bygum Clove Spray

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    Uses for Bygum Clove Spray

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    Posted by Tracey S on 31st Aug 2019

    Ideal for cleaning the pantry and ensuring pests stay away! Highly recommended and excellent value.

  2. Love the smell

    Posted by Melissa McCarthy on 26th Jul 2018

    Best air freshener out for the toilet. never leaves a film on surfaces at all. Is so fresh