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Bygum Basics Bundle

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If you would like to try our products and looking for a small starter pack - then this is the one for you!

There is enough product here to clean your whole home several times over as well as up to 75 washes in your laundry and Dishwasher.

Our Bygum Basics Pack comprises:

1 x 200ml Pure Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil

1 x 500ml Bygum Eucalyptus Spray

1 x 500ml Bygum Multi Purpose Cleaner

1 x 500 ml Eucalyptus Spray & Clean

1 x 1.5 kg Bygum Eucalyptus Laundry Powder

1 x 1.5 kg Eucalyptus Dishwasher Powder 


Product Reviews

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  1. Best ever natural product

    Posted by Beth on 16th Jan 2020

    I absolutely love these products. They smell divine. I have ordered the basics bundle twice.

  2. Excellent

    Posted by Helen on 28th May 2019

    I bought the starter pack and was so impressed I quickly ordered the dishwasher powder and washing powder in bulk as well as the oil infusers. The products are excellent, they're green and I'm supporting Australian business; I couldn't be happier. The ordering process is easy and my goods are delivered quickly. Thank you so much for producing a fantastic product

  3. Fantastic

    Posted by Amanda on 27th Aug 2018

    Absolutely love all of the products and oils. They are just beautiful, they smell so fresh and leave everything so clean. Will be using nothing but these from now onwards.

  4. just as it promised

    Posted by alice lindores on 24th Aug 2018

    theses products are just awesome. it does what it promises and the house smells divine.

  5. Everything works beautifully!

    Posted by Samantha Hamer on 30th Jul 2018

    I bought the basics bundle after seeing rave reviews on Facebook and this website. My aim is to buy from Australian companies and try to minimize chemicals in my home. Well I received my bundle along with some lovely gifts, along with a list of ideas of uses for all the products and how to remake them. I am pleased to say everything works brilliantly. So much so I have placed another order for a larger Dishwasher powder straight away. My home is clean and smells wonderful. We have also found cochroaches hate eucalyptus oil so another plus that we didn’t think of when buying the products. I’ve been using the eucalyptus spray instead of bug spray and no longer feel like I’m poisoning myself. Thank you!

  6. Dishwasher cleaner

    Posted by Tilley Barham on 21st Jul 2018

    Leaves the dishes so clean, sparkling.
    Also our machine is so clean inside, no smellls, also leaving draining filter easy to care for, no sludge

  7. great products

    Posted by val payne on 10th Jul 2018

    The washing powder is amazing. I add the oil as well and the result is great fresh and leaves the clothes with a lovely smell

  8. washing pwder

    Posted by Suzanne Parker on 14th Jun 2018

    The washing powder is the best I've ever used, it leaves your clothes smelling so lovely and also clothes seem so much brighter and fresher.

  9. Great Australian Products

    Posted by Maree Plucinski on 8th May 2018

    I love the smell,the clean,the brightness that these products achieve.
    My hard earned dollars are going to a very good Australian company thank you.

  10. Great starter pack

    Posted by Ann D on 5th May 2018

    This bundle offers a great collection of products and is a good introduction to all the goodness on offer...thank you for the prompt delivery and easy ordering process.

  11. Basic Bundle is the BEST!!! And

    Posted by Patricia Martin on 15th Apr 2018

    My order arrived on Friday (13/4/17) and I used them immediately. I love the natural fragrances and they clean so well. I love the eucalyptus laundry powder - clothes are clean and smell so fresh. I'm definitely going to be ordering more of the same products as well as ordering your other products.

  12. Love the smell in the whole house

    Posted by Leanne Palmer on 8th Mar 2018

    This is a great way to get started with your products. The dishes and washing are REALLY clean with way less produc needed and my septic system loves it too.

  13. Good dirt busting

    Posted by Rosemary on 22nd Feb 2018

    I found the Basic bundle useful to use. The only problem I had was with the smell was a bit overpowering will cleaning the shower area but have been using eucalyptus and tea tree oil for natural cleaners for over 20 years.

  14. basic bundle

    Posted by Fay Peckham on 26th Dec 2017

    great pack to try your products, love them all in particular the beautiful fresh clean smell of my clothes after using the eucalyptus laundry powder

  15. Smells Amazing

    Posted by Jenna Gibson on 6th Dec 2017

    These products smell amazing. My home smells like the Australian Bush. The sprays are great and the powders leave my clothes and dishes lovely and clean. I will be buying more and have recommended to family and friends.

  16. Love love love

    Posted by Tracey willson on 30th Nov 2017

    Bygum products are amazing
    Thank you

  17. basic bundle

    Posted by Susan Anderson on 28th Nov 2017

    wow I bought the basic bundle as I thought it would be a great way to try the products and I am so glad I did. Amazing products they turned out to be I now have lovely fresh clean clothes, my dishes are clean after being in the dishwasher and I have purposely left heavy staining on dishes to see if they came out clean and yes they did. The rest of the house smells amazing as I use the multi purpose sprays every where in the house Will be buying these products again

  18. Keep producing this awesome Australian product

    Posted by Julie Saunders on 5th Nov 2017

    I love these products it smells fresh and they are quality products . The daily cleaner is amazing as it cuts the grime and plus it disinfects and the surfaces feel clean . Also kills the germs . The mould remover top job and in love with the lavender laundry detergent would love to buy it in a 5kg bucket

  19. Great starter pack

    Posted by Sandy on 2nd Oct 2017

    We brought this starter pack after talking to a lady at the farmers market. Excellent cleaning products and the house and clothes smell beautiful.

  20. Very economical

    Posted by Rebecca on 29th Sep 2017

    I have only used the washing powder and the multi-purpose cleaner so far. The washing powder is so economical -A tiny scoop goes a long way. We do a lot of washing and I think this will last a very long time. I absolutely love the multi-purpose cleaner to do the tile floors. The floors are so clean afterwards. I look forward to using the other products.
    I was also sent a range of scented sprays which are amazing and very concentrated. These were included in my package as a suprise. Thank you very much !
    I think it is good to support Australian made and owned companies.

  21. Good value

    Posted by Larissa on 7th Sep 2017

    Cleaned as expected, smelled fresh and good prices

  22. Great way to try

    Posted by Helen Tam on 5th Sep 2017

    Great way to try the different varieties of options for the house. Very happy with it all

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE these products

    Posted by Debbie O'Brien on 5th Sep 2017

    I am so thrilled with these products... where to start!! Great value for money as they go a loooong way, Australian Made YAY!, smell is amazing, work so well. THEY ARE THE BEST! Thankyou for producing such wonderful products.

  24. Refreshing Eucalyptus Experience and made in Australia

    Posted by Kim on 9th Aug 2017

    I've always used eucalyptus oil; but I have to say that your oil surpasses anything I've ever used; best household products ever and I won't use anything else now. My house smells fresh and clean and a delight coming home from work as it still smells good - thank you cause that makes life easier and stress free.

  25. The BEST!

    Posted by Terry Padgett on 24th Jul 2017

    Everyone wants a nice clean home , yes! But does everyone have an environmentally clean home? I have only just started using the Eucy soap powder and the Eucy cleaning agents & I am very impressed with the aroma that lingers in my home & in my clothing after a wash. So fresh & clean!
    I have given my family the sampler and a full bottle of spray to use & I think another order will be not so far away.

  26. Cleaning

    Posted by Trish on 11th Jul 2017

    Amazing products. My house smells amazing. Great for cleaning. Loved using in my bathroom, everything is gleaming.

  27. Fantastic

    Posted by Michelle Perkins on 10th Jul 2017

    I have ordered your products several times and continue to share your posts and encourage my friends to use

  28. love this product to bits

    Posted by Lorraine Coombes on 10th Jul 2017

    Everyone must try this product, makes cleaning a breeze, smell through the house is so nice too

  29. Top choice

    Posted by Gwen Clarke on 28th Jun 2017

    It's so nice to have all at my fingertips
    I hate housework but knowing I can spray or clean in half the time which leaves house and clothes smelling good luv the eucalyptus smell

  30. Awesome

    Posted by Kathleen Obrien on 22nd Jun 2017

    Great products and smell awesome

  31. The best smelling cleaner available

    Posted by Jennie on 14th Jun 2017

    Love my products from bygum. My house smells amazing. My clothes smell amazing. Loving these products.

  32. The best smelling cleaner available

    Posted by Jennie on 14th Jun 2017

    Love my products from bygum. My house smells amazing. My clothes smell amazing. Loving these products.

  33. Works a treat!

    Posted by Rita on 14th Jun 2017

    Get the job done in no time. No chemicals and the house smells amazing. I use this stuff everywhere!

  34. Starter pack

    Posted by Bev Gibbons on 10th Jun 2017

    Love all the products and they clean so very well and leave such a beautiful fragrance in our home

  35. bundle

    Posted by Sam on 3rd Jun 2017

    love all the products but would love to know what the actual difference is between the Multi purpose cleaner, spray & clean & the eucalyptus spray

  36. The Best

    Posted by Gracie Carbone on 3rd May 2017

    I love Eucalyptus and the smell of it - certainly is much more concentrated than the shop/chemist ones. Use it for the whole house, absolutely love the smell of fresh Eucalyptus!

  37. Aroma-rich natural poroducts a huge hit

    Posted by John Jenkins on 16th Mar 2017

    I was pleasantly surprised by the products in the basics bundle. Really loved using the dishwasher powder without the need for rinse aid. I will definitely be buying more of this product. Eucalyptus leaves such a clean and fresh smell on clothes and all working surfaces.

  38. Love this stuff

    Posted by Terri on 13th Mar 2017

    I have been using these products for a long time now and find them very good. I will continue to use

  39. Love these products

    Posted by Gaylene Inveld on 21st Feb 2017

    These products are brilliant. They work so well and work brilliantly

  40. So glad I bought this bundle

    Posted by Nicole D on 14th Nov 2016

    Something for every room of the house, I have been rotating the spray cleaners to give the kitchen & bathroom a different smell each week.

  41. The best washing powder ever

    Posted by Penny on 26th Oct 2016

    Well I received my starter pack, and straight away you get this wonder smell. Then I had to go find some washing so I could use the washing powder, just love it makes everything smell fantastic. Next time I will order the Lavender Oil.

  42. Loved it

    Posted by Michelle Bleakley on 12th Oct 2016

    Tried the getting started bundle. Absolutely loved it all.

  43. Value for Money!!

    Posted by Kim on 11th Oct 2016

    Love this bundle Everything you need.

  44. Amazing value!

    Posted by Cathy on 23rd Jun 2016

    This bundle is amazing value and I love every single product! I can clean the whole house with the products in this bundle, the results are fantastic and the house smells so fresh and clean

  45. Brilliance!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jun 2016

    when I first used your products it felt like I'd just discovered gold.

  46. Fantastic

    Posted by Katrina Kaporis on 11th Jun 2016

    Love your products
    Will be buying your products all the time
    I purchased the Eucalyptus package
    Next put hire will be the lavender
    Thank you a very happy customer
    Your prices are very affordable

  47. Love it!

    Posted by Maree Denman on 25th May 2016

    I recently ordered a starter pack. When it arrived and I opened the box, WOW!! The eucalyptus scent was incredible. I straight away cleaned the toilet, then the bathroom. Now I'm addicted to cleaning. The dish washer powder is good, and the laundry powder amazing. The combination of the General Purpose spray and the Laundry Powder got out even old stains.

    Thank you for wonderful products. Will soon be ordering larger packs.