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Bygum Clove Oil

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For a healthy natural home enjoy the powerful spicy aroma aroma of 100% pure Clove Oil

Clove Oil is excellent for deodorising and refreshing bathrooms , kitchens, toilets and laundry areas where odours often linger

It has a lovely pleasant and long lasting natural spicy aroma that is great in bathrooms, toilets and other areas and will banish musty, mouldy / stale odours

Clove Oil is also an excellent natural mould killer without the toxic chemical effects of bleach /chlorine based products and an amazingly powerful deodoriser

Combine with liquid soap and methylated spirits to make your own low cost and environmentally  friendly mould spray

We recommend using a 3% or higher solution for more effective results particularly where mould is present in large areas or is persistant 

Bygum Clove Oil is a Premium Quality 100% Pure Essential Oil produced from EUGENIA Caryophyllata

Bygum Clove Oil is suitable for Aromatherapy, personal and all household and commercial uses

For larger pack sizes please request a quote via email –orders@bygum.com.au or phone 1300 382 259

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Bygum Mould Spray 03:09

How to use Bygum Mould Spray

  • Bygum Mould Spray
    How to use Bygum Mould Spray

Product Reviews

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  1. Second purchase

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2017

    The second time I've bought this now, love it!

  2. refreshing

    Posted by Ange on 19th Dec 2017

    I use this product in my laundry, it's also good for sweaty shoes and smelly boxing gloves.

  3. My Favourite!

    Posted by Tiffany Murray on 6th Dec 2017

    I love love love this oil!! I cleaned the shower using a mix of this and just water and it was amazing! The shower hadn't been cleaned in a while so it was a great test for the product. I loved that my bathroom smelt like Christmas afterwards! I also enjoy mixing this into the oil burner.

  4. Great Clove oil

    Posted by Lili on 2nd Nov 2017

    mixed with eucalyptus oil we clean everything in the house, it removes bad odours as well.


    Posted by Emma on 30th Oct 2017

    not my personally my favourite smell but it works at getting rid of mould and cat urine

  6. Clove oil keeps the bathroom fresh

    Posted by Jo Cooper on 4th Sep 2017

    Im really happy with Bygum clove oil. It not only leaves the bathroom smelling fresh but inhibits mould growth.

  7. A little goes a long way

    Posted by Kelly Gooda on 8th Aug 2017

    I love the smell of this clove oil. I have made my own mix of clove oil, bygum eucalyptus and some cinnamon to make a divine household cleaner. Does a wonderful job of removing mould and making bathrooms so clean.

  8. Clove Oil

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jun 2017

    Finally no more mould on my ceiling, nothing else has worked, I'm so happy

  9. Mould free

    Posted by Heather Snowden on 10th Apr 2017

    I add the clove oil to my cleaning products. Since it is pure, it is very powerful and keeps mould at bay. I use it in both my home and holiday house. Leaves a very clean smell for hours after use.


    Posted by Trixynix on 8th Nov 2016

    Using this product in my bathroom cleaner makes my bathrooms smell wonderful. I handwash my floors with a sponge, I spray my cleaner with the clove oil in it on my cloth and wipe the floors down, along with the shower recess, glass, spray the toilet bowl and wipe the vanity down. Using this product in combination with the others, has contributed to keeping the shower recess, class mould free: I would recommend this product as second to none!

  11. Antor FANTASTIC product

    Posted by Greg Dawes (Bomaderry NSW) on 12th Sep 2016

    Have been using this product for 12 months now and could not happier. Cheaper than other products and does a much better job without all of the nasties.

  12. no more soap scum

    Posted by Mel on 17th Aug 2016

    Shower screens are left beautifully clean ! and I love the smell - so harsh bleach smells anymore