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Bygum Laundry and Dishwasher Powder Combo Deals

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These are the strongest laundry and dishwasher powders you will ever buy !

Choose the size that suits you best.

Providing 50 washes per kilogram for amazingly clean and fresh clothes and amazingly clean and sparkling dishes and dishwasher !

For an amazingly low price of 31 cents per wash delivered to your door !  

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  1. Love these products

    Posted by Michelle Baker on 23rd Jul 2019

    I love using the dishwashing powder and laundry powder. They both work fabulously & keep both clothes & dishes clean.
    My only issue is the new packaging is very hard to use when you have limited use of your hands. We now have to tip it into a different container for me to be able to access the products, whereas the old containers were more accessible.

  2. Bygum detergents are the best

    Posted by Kerry on 15th Jul 2019

    Having used these products for about 5 yrs now I don’t buy commercial cleaning products at all trying to avoid as many nasty chemicals as possible . Keep up the great work

  3. Bygum the best

    Posted by Jack on 10th Jul 2019

    Cleans superbly and smells great as well.

  4. Laundry powder

    Posted by Dianne calvert on 7th Jul 2019

    I already loved this product and love the new idea of less plastic

  5. Great for greasy work clothes

    Posted by Judith Biggin on 5th Jul 2019

    I would not use any other product. My granddaughter is also a convert with her greasy work clothes

  6. Fresh and clean

    Posted by Jen on 18th Jun 2019

    Love the laundry powder. Beautifully fresh smell. Good clean wash, no residue or soap scum on washed items.
    Great value package.

  7. Great product&value

    Posted by hiromi on 21st May 2019

    I've been trying to get non toxic detergen products and this is the best. Cost paformance is good and great for me&kids as we have super sensitive skin.The washing didn't have a bad smell even I had to hang them out in a house when it's raining

  8. Great product&valued

    Posted by Unknown on 21st May 2019

    I've been trying to get non toxic detergen products and this is the best. Cost paformance is good and great for me&kids as we have super sensitive skin.The washing didn't have a bad smell even I had to hang them out in a house when it's raining

  9. Best By Far

    Posted by Vivienne Burnett on 4th Apr 2019

    Love the dishwasher powder. Never misses leaving my dishes and cutlery clean. Thoroughly recommend this product.

  10. Best By Far

    Posted by Vivienne Burnett on 4th Apr 2019

    I have used this washing powder for quite some years, now. Clean washes , economical, no fillers and it helps keep my washing machine clean. I never have to use anymore powder than suggested for a wash. Smells good too.

  11. Never looked back

    Posted by Sally Minett on 26th Mar 2019

    I've been using these products (dishwashing and laundry) for years and would never go back to chemicals. Highly recommended.

  12. Cleaning package

    Posted by Glenda Basinski on 19th Mar 2019

    I have been using these products for some time and just love the smell, cleanliness and the fact there are no chemicals.

  13. Eucalyptus dishwasher powder

    Posted by Bronwyn on 18th Mar 2019

    Love this product. Everything sparkles & no bad odour from the dishwasher anymore

  14. Amazing Fragrance

    Posted by Kerry Knight on 9th Feb 2019

    It as so nice to smell the freshness of your wash & know that you are helping the environment.

  15. Best ever

    Posted by Ruth Wickham on 9th Jan 2019

    I love the smell and the results are great.

  16. Clean and fresh every time

    Posted by Christine on 29th Nov 2018

    I love not using harsh highly perfumed products , these are sage natural and give great results

  17. Best product i have used

    Posted by Debra Luttenberger on 24th Oct 2018

    I have been using these two products for a while now. The Laundry powder is very economical with only one scoop needed, not only does it leave the clothes smelling great, does an amazing job cleaning. the dishwashing powder, leaves the dishes sparkling .

  18. Excellent quality product

    Posted by Deborah on 15th Oct 2018

    These are two of my most used products, and to get them in this value pack makes it even better. The laundry powder is concentrated, smells wonderful and fresh, and does a great job. The dishwasher powder is also excellent. Highly recommend.

  19. Freshness

    Posted by Irene Owins on 21st Sep 2018

    Love the Eucalyptus smell of these products, leaves clothes and dishwasher smelling clean and fresh. Winners.

  20. Bygum Laundry and Dishwasher Powder Combo

    Posted by Ann Lyons on 3rd Sep 2018

    Another good performer. Great result achieved for the heavily soiled work clothes and animal bedding. Freshens the air as well great for those with a cold. I am a return customer slowly working through the product list. Very pleased with the economics and results.

  21. long time user

    Posted by alice lindores on 24th Aug 2018

    i have been use these 2 for years and keep going back for more.

  22. Great Value

    Posted by Tracey Arnall on 12th Aug 2018

    My dishwasher smells fresh and clean constantly.
    I love the fact that they are all enviromentally friendly

  23. Dishwasher and laundry powder

    Posted by Mandy Lennen on 31st Jul 2018

    I love both the dishwasher and laundry powder. The dishes come out sparkling clean and feels good knowing there is no nasty chemicals. The laundry powder is great for my sensitive skin and the lavender smells great when used for washing towels and sheets.

  24. Best Go Tos

    Posted by Jennifer Phillips on 20th Jul 2018

    I am a repeat purchaser of these products. I find them very effective, leaving clothes and dishes clean, bright and with no residues. Love the gentle aroma too!

  25. Smells divine

    Posted by Mark Doyle on 11th Jul 2018

    Both laundry and dishwasher powder fantastic. Dissovles much better than some other brands.

  26. Winner

    Posted by Karen Davies on 25th Jun 2018

    Fabulous products. My washing smells divine and so does my dishwasher. And good value for money.

  27. powerful and good value

    Posted by Kathleen van der W on 24th Jun 2018

    A great clean, using only a small amount. Pleased to use these effective washing powders and support a family-owned small business. Love their stuff!

  28. Eucalyptus Dishwasher powder

    Posted by Debbie on 5th May 2018

    Just love this dishwasher powder, keeps my dishwasher smelling clean and fresh

  29. Safe & Effective

    Posted by Carmel - Baringa Villa B & B on 18th Apr 2018

    I love the bygum laundry powder... It smells fresh and clean without the strong false added fragrances. It is effective and also great for delicates. Its cost effective as not much is required, suitable for both top and front loader machines.

  30. Best ever Washing and Dishwasher Powder

    Posted by D Mason on 18th Apr 2018

    I have been using Australian Eucalyptus Oil products for a while now .. I can say the smell and the clean you get is amazing .. I soooooo love their products because they work .. I can never go back to supermarket brands ever again .

  31. Best of Oz

    Posted by Dianne Topping on 12th Apr 2018

    I have been using the Bygum Laundry Powder for quite a while but I'm now using the Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder as well. I love them both. It's nice to be able to use something that's safe, natural, value for money and support a great Australian product at the same time.

  32. Great product

    Posted by Celena Tan on 11th Apr 2018

    The laundry powder keeps my clothes clean and fresh and is great to use. I love the fact that it's all natural and safe.
    The dishwasher powder is fantastic, leaves dishes clean and sparkly and the powder form dissolves really well even in short cycles.

  33. Best purchase

    Posted by Cel on 11th Apr 2018

    I only buy Bygum laundry powder now and have been using it for years. It's great value for money and the best part is it's natural, good for the waterways, washing machine and clothes

  34. Best Ever Powder

    Posted by Kate Potter on 4th Apr 2018

    Great products, clean really well, smell great, quick to delivery, loving using them.

  35. happy

    Posted by Katerina Annels (Kat) on 12th Mar 2018

    Really like the dishwashing powder and now only use this laundry powder. This combo is good value

  36. Awesome products

    Posted by Trish on 26th Feb 2018

    Love these products, they clean well and smell amazing.

  37. Love these products

    Posted by Liz on 1st Feb 2018

    Beautiful clean, fresh smell. Dishes and clothes all sparkling and clean. My washing machine and dishwasher are also sparkling and clean inside. I’m in love.

  38. Clean and fresh!

    Posted by Jennifer on 30th Jan 2018

    Both these products leave the clothes and dishes clean, free of residual powders, and smelling fresh.

  39. Great deal, great product

    Posted by Jan on 26th Jan 2018

    The Eucalyptus dishwasher detergent and laundry powder are the workhorses in our home. Great products, good environmental credits and Australian owned. Can't go wrong.

  40. good quality and reliable

    Posted by Melinda Ford on 26th Jan 2018

    I have a bioseptic system and this is the best, safest and most environmentally friendly group of products I have found

  41. Great product

    Posted by Brian on 24th Jan 2018

    Everything comes out of the dishwasher sparkling fresh and clean, and then using it in the washing machine once again very surprised how soft and clean everything comes out.

  42. Fantastic Stuff

    Posted by Judy Cairns on 24th Jan 2018

    I’ve been using the dish washing powder for a few years now... it leaves dishes sparkling, a clean dishwasher and smells amazing. Wouldnt use anything else

  43. Wow

    Posted by michelle edwards on 1st Jan 2018

    To keep your dishwasher and dishes clean this is the only product to use. Once a month an empty wash with hot water and one scoop to maintain my machine and keep pipes clear.
    For my clothes the washing powder is amazing. Nice and bright clean and fresh smelling clothes. No allergies all natural and keeps your washing machine running perfectly. Once a month hot water and one scoop of washing powder and the machine has its special clean. Great maintenance.

  44. On the nose!

    Posted by Janice Van Der Steeg on 29th Nov 2017

    Oh, the smell in our home when the lemon myrtle is wafting from the dish washer and washing machine, so pure, fresh and clean, we now have the Aussie bush indoors, love it

  45. 2 thumbs up

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Nov 2017

    Both powders are excellent. The dishwashing powder lasts a really long time and doesn’t leave that typical dishwasher tablet residue or chemical odour, and the laundry powder gives a superior clean while being environmentally friendly. What’s not to love!

  46. Excellent value and quality

    Posted by Tamara Hastie on 24th Nov 2017

    Love these products, the scent is glorious and cleans extremely well and better than leading commercial brands. I won't use anything else now.

  47. Love

    Posted by Laura on 10th Nov 2017

    I'm on tank water and normally can't wear white but I can now

  48. Laundry/Dishwashing Powder

    Posted by Judith Biggin on 9th Nov 2017

    Both products are amazing and will definitely continue to use them

  49. Bring back the colour

    Posted by Cheryl on 4th Oct 2017

    I have been using the laundry powder and just love how vibrant the colours are in my clothes and they smell great too.

  50. Dishwashing and laundry powders

    Posted by Glenda Davis on 15th Sep 2017

    We have used both piwders for some time now and are very happy with them both. They clean really well, smell great (eucalyptus) and both leave the machines clean and clean smelling. Overall great products.

  51. Excellent Products

    Posted by Anne on 15th Aug 2017

    I have been using both Dishwasher and Washing Machine Eucalyptus powder for the past 12 months and extremely happy with both products

  52. Laundry Powder

    Posted by Judith Biggin on 29th Jun 2017

    Love the fragrance and great for greasy work clothes

  53. Fantastic product

    Posted by Denise Dangerfield on 19th Jun 2017

    I have been using this product for years now and wouldn't use anything else

  54. Smells smazing

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2017

    my dishes and clothes are waking really well. Love these products

  55. Love this stuff

    Posted by Diana Grey on 11th Apr 2017

    Excellent laundry powder, no irritation to my skin, clean clothes and fresh smell, great!

  56. Excellent

    Posted by Heather on 14th Mar 2017

    The dishwasher powder is fantastic and cleans the dishes so well and without rinse aid ! I have found it to be superior to the tablets I was using and leaves a pleasant , non chemical fragrance. The laundry powder is wonderful and doesn't leave a residue on the clothes. Just a clean smelling fragrance. Also the wonderful cleaning sprays, especially work well in the bathroom !

  57. Excellent Product

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2017

    Both the Laundry & Dishwasher products do what they are supposed to.

  58. Great products

    Posted by Fiona on 8th Mar 2017

    I find these products clean well and I love how fresh my dishwasher smells afterwards. Got a free Aussie Bush Spray which is fantastic!!!!

  59. Brilliant product!

    Posted by Maria on 25th Feb 2017

    Superior clean and most importantly toxic free. Smells divine too

  60. Great Chemical Free cleaning

    Posted by Robynanne King on 9th Feb 2017

    I have been purchasing these products for years now. I love the automatic dishwasher powder keeps the machine clean while giving me a clean wash every time, even my baking dishes are come out clean first time every time. I also use the eucalyptus spray ,multi purpose cleaner which I swear by especially on my bathroom tiles Laundry powder is great also and the wool wash excellent on my delicate clothing. Have recommended and will continue to recommend these products. Thanks for great products and customer service. Regards Robyn

  61. Great product

    Posted by Chris on 4th Feb 2017

    The dishwash powder works like a charm and the dishwasher is clean too.
    Laundry powder works very well and does not leave a residue either

  62. Excellent Australian Company

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Nov 2016

    Love all the products. Would be interested in a system to reuse my empty containers with you somehow.

  63. Fantastic products

    Posted by Denise on 10th Nov 2016

    I am very happy with the results I achieve by using the laundry powder and the dishwasher powder. They both do a fantastic job and I would recommend them both to anybody looking for a more natural and safe approach 10/10 for me.

  64. bygum laundry and dishwasher powder

    Posted by Shelley Alcorn on 19th Oct 2016

    I think the bygum laundry and dishwasher powder are excellent value and clean reallywell and you don't need a rinse aid with the dishwasher powder - no residue.

  65. Pleasure to use

    Posted by Sue Rhoades on 17th Oct 2016

    Good products with no chemical perfumes. Love using them.

  66. Finally my dishes are clean

    Posted by Till on 25th Aug 2016

    First time purchasing the dishwasher powder..wow. we aren't the best at rinsing our dishes before putting then into the dishwasher but it doesn't matter now. Plus there's no residue left my dishes and there's no chemicals.


    Posted by Debbie on 24th Aug 2016

    I have been using these products for a while now, and would never go back to chemicals. Love the smell, and the dishwasher powder leaves the dishwasher clean and fresh.

  68. Would definitely buy again

    Posted by Celena Tan on 23rd Aug 2016

    This is my second time purchasing this combo, the first combo lasted me for almost a year. Very effective and extremely cost saving too and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean.


    Posted by Maria on 4th Aug 2016

    By far the best cleaning products I've used. Not only do they clean better than anything else I've tried but they smell absolutely divine. Non toxic with the added bonus of being an Australian company. Will never go back to toxic cleaners again.

  70. Awesome!

    Posted by Emma Upton on 2nd Aug 2016

    Love these products, use them all the time and they last for ages! Lovely smell too, without being over empowering! I continue to be a regular customer!

  71. So impressed!

    Posted by Kate on 1st Aug 2016

    My dishes are pretty dirty and I have used many different 'eco' versions of dishwashing powder and tablets previously but only end up having to wash them again. I had resorted to having to purchase the expensive 'all in one' tablets as they were the only ones that would get the dishes clean so I was dubious as to how well this powder could perform. I have to say, it's amazing! The dishes are perfect every time and there is also a lovely scent when the dishwasher is running (not on the dishes afterwards). Laundry powder is similarly impressive. Will be purchasing again!

  72. Clean and pure

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2016

    I've always used a laundry product with eucalyptus but this is more concentrated and works out much cheaper. Dishes are sparkling and I know it is a natural product so safe to use.

  73. Laundry powder and dishwasher powder

    Posted by Elizabeth Morrissey on 9th Jun 2016

    Have been using the laundry powder for a few months now and will use no other. Gets my clothes clean and that lovely smell. Just started using the dishwashing powder and love it. Dishes clean and inside of machine sparkling. Love it.