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Bygum Lavender Oil

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Bygum Lavender Oil is a Premium Quality 100% Pure Essential Oil produced from LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA and is considered the finest Lavender Oil there is!

Bygum Lavender Oil is suitable for Aromatherapy, personal and all household and commercial uses

Whether you use lavender oil in an oil burner, as a general room freshener or for cleaning, use to freshen up Pot Pouri, put a few drops in your rinse water when washing delicates, use in clothing drawers, on your pillows or elsewhere this oil has a beautiful long lasting aroma that fades gently over time

Lavender Oil can also be used:

To help clam and soothe

Promote natural sleep

As a natural antiseptic

For larger pack sizes please request a quote via email –orders@bygum.com.au or phone 1300 382 259

Country of Origin: EUROPE 

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Bygum Lavender Products

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    Bygum Lavender Products

Product Reviews

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  1. Best Quality

    Posted by Marianne Ellman on 16th Apr 2020

    Lavender oil
    I have purchased a few times now and wouldn't be without it...
    So many great uses and safe on most skins ,always dilute as is potent but gentle...
    Few drops on your pillow and sleep like a baby...
    Highly recommended...

  2. Typical 5 star Aust Eucalytus Co. Product

    Posted by Gayelene on 15th Apr 2020

    Highly recommended. Fresh strong lavender scent. Use inside my pillow to help me relax and sleep at night. Thank you for great products from long time customer!

  3. Lavender Oil

    Posted by Chris on 7th Jan 2020

    The most original I have purchase yet

  4. Quality Frangance

    Posted by Sally McKenna on 3rd Dec 2019

    Best Lavender Oil I have found.

  5. Best ever

    Posted by Jeanette Waters on 26th Nov 2019

    Nothing compares with this beautiful oil. The lavender smell is amazing and it sends such a lovely smell right through the house when I put it in my oil bowl mixed with hot water. I recommend this oil to everyone. It beats any other lavender oil I have bought.

  6. diffuser

    Posted by Karen Bell on 19th Sep 2019

    lavender is one of my favourite diffuser oils

  7. Sweet oil

    Posted by Jeanette Waters on 13th Aug 2019

    This lavender oil is so refreshing and makes my house smell so lovely. Visitors always comment on the beautiful smell when they come to visit. This is the only lavender oil I ever buy and have been using it for years

  8. Calm

    Posted by Elizabeth M on 4th Jul 2019

    I use lavender extensively in my psychology practice - I am yet to find a person who does not find this soothing

  9. Lavender

    Posted by JK on 2nd Jun 2019

    An economical way to buy Lavender ... extremely great in a hot bath

  10. Beautiful lavender

    Posted by Kathryn Cusack on 18th Mar 2019

    Love this and every product I have purchased from this company. Great value also

  11. Lavender Lover

    Posted by Sue Butlin on 9th Jan 2019

    I am a liberal user of lavender and love how I can buy it economically from your company. Keep up the great work!

  12. Love your Lavender ♡

    Posted by Sherrie Christon on 19th Sep 2018

    Your lavender is just beautiful my teenage son and i put a few drops on our wrist each night to help us sleep and i use during the day the same way to keep me calm..i have just started diffusing it too...absolutely love it ..going to order another bottle xxxx

  13. Perfect

    Posted by MARA SMART on 30th Aug 2018

    Calming and fragrant; induces restful sleep.

  14. Fresh clean smell

    Posted by Maurice Adamthwaite on 29th Jul 2018

    It’s lovely to have my home smelling natural and uplifting to the senses.

  15. Wonderful aroma

    Posted by Alex Alagappan on 22nd Jun 2018

    Good for hair growth

  16. Lavender Oil

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Apr 2018

    I bought the lavender oil to put into the banksia oil pot, it seems to evaporate really quickly, and it’s not because it’s soaking into the pot. I need to replace it daily! I would have thought that it would last longer than that!

  17. Lavender Oil

    Posted by Tracey Moroney on 10th Jan 2018

    This oil is pure quality.

  18. Beautiful product

    Posted by Val Blackshaw on 21st Nov 2017

    Love the aroma the oil gives of ,I’m a real fan ,but I’m going to run out very quick .!!

  19. Lavender Oil

    Posted by Jasmine on 9th Nov 2017

    I use a few drops on my pillow to help me sleep. It is also good for headaches.

  20. Lavender Oil

    Posted by J on 9th Nov 2017

    I use a few drops on my pillow to help me sleep. It is also good for headaches.

  21. Beautiful, strong Lavender oil

    Posted by Sharon Dwyer on 4th Oct 2017

    I have just purchased the ByGum Lavender oil and I must say it’s the best I have ever bought. Beautiful, strong, long lasting fragrance.

    Highly recommend

  22. Lovely

    Posted by Katherine Rayner on 28th Sep 2017

    I have been using this and some of the other oils in my lovely new banksia scent pot, gorgeous.

  23. Perfect lavender

    Posted by Kelly Gooda on 8th Aug 2017

    The lavender oil is a bit pricey, especially when you use it as much as me but it's worth every single penny. I use it for cleaning, as a rinse for my washing, and diffusing! This is the most beautiful lavender I've come across but I think I will now be buying it in the 1 kg

  24. Sweet dreams

    Posted by Alicia Eggington on 3rd Aug 2017

    Few drops on my pillow.
    Sweet dreams

  25. Lavender oil

    Posted by Margaret Kostraby on 2nd Aug 2017

    Love using this product on my pillow and tips of my feet for a relaxing night's sleep.

  26. Great

    Posted by Cheryl on 14th Jun 2017

    Use this in the banksia diffuser and it is great subtle fragrance with all the Lavender qualities

  27. Best quality lavender oil

    Posted by Janet on 13th Jun 2017

    The fragrance lasts a long time and is divine

  28. Beautiful Lavender Smell

    Posted by KB on 18th May 2017

    Love this product. I put in my diffuser every night. Makes the place smell divine.

  29. Best product !

    Posted by Carol jordan on 8th Mar 2017

    So addicted to this amazing lavender ... my home is never without it

  30. Add to your rinse

    Posted by Rita Kontos on 1st Nov 2016

    I use this oil in my oil burner and I add a few drops in the washing machine rinse area. My clothes smell amazing!

  31. Great fresh scent

    Posted by Renny Oparah on 1st Sep 2016

    A few drops of this in my pot and the whole house smells wonderful. I put a few drops on our pillows to aid a good nights sleep

  32. I love lavender

    Posted by Kristie on 29th Aug 2016

    I use lavender oil in the little pots I purchased from you. I always have it in my bedroom to help me sleep & a few drops in a hot bath to relax.

  33. Divine lavender oil.

    Posted by Paula Guest. on 10th Aug 2016

    This oil is second to none that I have previously used.
    Uplifting in oil burner ans bath and a few drops in a good cream for massage, just perfect.