• Bygum Spray & Clean for Mould 500 Ml

Bygum Spray & Clean for Mould

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Eliminate and ​Suppress Mould Growth

Remove musty and stale smells in cupboards

Natural mould killing properties of Clove, Eucalyptus and Alcohol


1ltr and 5ltr options are refills, no spray nozzle incuded with these two sizes.


Bygum Spray & Clean for Mould is an amazingly effective product for eliminating and suppressing mould growth for damp / wet areas around the home or in caravans, campers, boats etc.

Bygum Spray & Clean for Mould will also effectively remove musty and stale smells in cupboards, wardrobes and other areas might be prone to odours building up over time.

Bygum Spray & Clean for Mould uses the natural mould killing properties of clove, eucalyptus and alcohol in a highly concentrated ready to use mixture that will both eliminate and suppress future mould growth.

When empty you can re-make  using the simple recipe on the back of our spray bottle - saving extra money every time. Our bottles and sprayers are chosen to be able to be refilled and used several times over.  Suitable for most hard surfaces. 


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How to use Bygum Mould Spray

  • Bygum Mould Spray
    How to use Bygum Mould Spray

Product Reviews

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  1. Mould Buster!

    Posted by Bronwyn Loechel on 6th Feb 2020

    I love this product so much that I bought it for a friend. She loves it so much as it killed the mould and adores the smell. She's been using it everywhere!

  2. Very effective

    Posted by F. Ridout on 18th Dec 2019

    I would encourage everyone to use this product it is safe and effective and smells good

  3. The Safe Mould Killer

    Posted by Jessica Whyte on 29th Nov 2019

    The best and safest Mould Killer around. I use it in my Cleaning business for all mould problems

  4. Best mould killer

    Posted by Anne Boss on 17th Oct 2019

    This product is amazing to use about every couple of months on my shower tiles.

  5. Love!

    Posted by Maxine C on 18th Aug 2019

    The spray and clean (for mould) is great. Side story is that it gets rid of the pesky Tomcat smell. ( The stray tomcat who comes to my back step and sprays!) I just added a bit to a bucket of hot soapy water and ..BLAM! pee smell gone! Thanks!

  6. Spray and Mould Killer Works!!

    Posted by Dianne Topping on 16th Apr 2019

    This really works - just spray it on and leave for a few minutes then wipe off. No need for heavy-duty scrubbing like other cleaners. It's economical too, just make it yourself when you run out, using the ingredients you already have from Bygum. I'm not a fan of the smell of clove but it does such a good job I can live with it.

  7. Spray and Mould Killer Works!!

    Posted by Dianne on 16th Apr 2019

    I have found this product works wonders without the heavy scrubbing required for other cleaners. Just leave it on for a few minutes then wipe off. It's economical too, as you can make it yourself from Bygum ingredients when you run out.

  8. Bygum spray and mould killer

    Posted by Janet on 17th Jan 2019

    I have used this twice. The first time I out it in the shower and scrubbed the mould off. Worked well, smelled great! This time I am leaving it on the shower for several days to kill off stubborn stains. So far I see it killing a fair bit. Look forward to washing it off to see the great results.

  9. Best ever

    Posted by Jeanette W. on 18th Nov 2018

    My bathroom is quite dark and mould grows in the corners of the tiles. Love this product as it immediately kills the mould and the clove and eucalyptus smells are lovely

  10. Smells amazing

    Posted by Ami Iwata on 30th Oct 2018

    I couldn't get rid of my bath room's mould but I love the natural strong smell.

  11. Great to try

    Posted by Jan Estens on 23rd Oct 2018

    I’m not convinced

  12. natural product

    Posted by ChrisK on 2nd Oct 2018

    much prefer natural products, just find this a little bit strong in smell of clove otherwise it is great

  13. Kills mould

    Posted by Karen Knight on 19th Sep 2018

    Strong clove smell but that is the best thing for mould. Much better than the chemical bleaches!

  14. Spread the word!

    Posted by Liz Arnott on 13th Sep 2018

    A great product which works a treat. I highly recommend it.

  15. Bygum Spray & Clean Mould

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Aug 2018

    have not used it very much so far as I found that the extremely strong smell of the product (possibly the cloves) overwhelms me. Also I am not certain that it actually killed the mould!

  16. Good product

    Posted by Wen on 8th Aug 2018

    I am impressed with this product- I sprayed my shower stall in the evening, and left it overnight. The smell is so much better than that of bleach! I had to give the spots a good scrub, but the mould does come off- so I don't mind giving a good scrub because I can eliminate the use of nasty bleach.

  17. Recommended

    Posted by Gayle Aarts on 22nd May 2018

    Hi, We have used this product for some time now, and find it so good. I have recently recommended it to a friend who is a bit obsessive, and she has just cleaned her whole house with it, (walls, ceilings, floors etc) and loves it equally as much as I do.

  18. Strong

    Posted by Karen on 5th Apr 2018

    Very strong smell doesn’t get rid of mould

  19. Great product

    Posted by Brenda on 26th Mar 2018

    All my clients have commented on how lovely their bathrooms are smelling. Have only just started using it so will be very interested to see in the coming winter months how it works on the mould

  20. works well

    Posted by Kat on 12th Mar 2018

    Great for ants too

  21. Actually works

    Posted by Maxine At Kyneton on 10th Feb 2018

    I love this product. Cloves smell great and dissolved the grease in shower after a few hours as per directions. Very honest products. Thanks.


    Posted by Maurice Adamthwaite on 29th Jan 2018

    Omg this product is great,
    after trying alot of other products,
    This one has worked the best. Finally found a product that does what it says, thankyou.

  23. Mildew

    Posted by John Harris on 29th Jan 2018

    This stuff is pretty good! Over time it will stop the creepy mould I am sure!

  24. Extremely good!

    Posted by Brian Pearce on 24th Jan 2018

    This product is a godsend to any person who has any mould in their house! Spray, leave it for a while and then simply wipe away the mould, as well as killing the spores. Cannot recommend anything that does the job, and is also quite safe to use. Extremely good product.

  25. Great product

    Posted by Nerys Lewis on 18th Jan 2018

    Worked really well in our bathroom. Great clove smell. Would recommend highly.

  26. Great stuff!

    Posted by Kaye on 18th Dec 2017

    Great product as it actually works and I loooove the smell afterwards!

  27. Best mould killer ever!!!

    Posted by Juanita Ling on 12th Dec 2017

    I love love love Bygum mould killer. It worked when every other product I’d tried had failed. Leaves a great clove scent. Mould can be hard to control in the tropics but this product is so awesome. Big thumbs up!

  28. Works and smells nice

    Posted by Tania Ezra on 6th Dec 2017

    This works effectively and makes the bathroom smell nice. Wont be going back to chemical supermarket crap.

  29. brilliant!

    Posted by DANA on 28th Nov 2017

    Cleans really well and I love the smell!

  30. Good for all hard surfaces

    Posted by Ursula on 12th Sep 2017

    I have only just started using this product and not had a chance to use it for mould yet but love it on kitchen surfaces

  31. lifechanging

    Posted by Fona on 11th Sep 2017

    I use this for everything and it smells so rich and welcoming while doing the actual job of taking out the ugly grey unhealthy mould. I feel it protects you while you're cleaning so you don't get live mould into your lungs because it works so fast.

  32. Amazing product!

    Posted by Justin Lee on 7th Sep 2017

    Spray works well and kills mould fast. Smells nice too!

  33. THE best

    Posted by Debbie O'Brien on 5th Sep 2017

    Another amazing product from this great Aussie company... works so well on mould in the shower, actually kills it, so much more pleasant and effective than bleach

  34. Such a great product!

    Posted by Colette Kirk on 15th Aug 2017

    Wished I'd come across this years ago. Easy to use and effective, with a great scent that lasts. I've used it at home and it's great in the caravan too. Highly recommended.

  35. Mould in the Bath Room

    Posted by Jutta Harvey on 8th Aug 2017

    Awesome Fantastic the very best, one spray and all the mould is gone, love all the products.

  36. Mould be gone

    Posted by Alicia Eggington on 3rd Aug 2017

    Like magic my kitchen sink splash back is now white again

  37. Great product - about to order more

    Posted by Brendan McGregor on 1st Aug 2017

    Fantastic product - should have ordered a bigger bottle. Will be placing another order shortly for more. Smells so nice, very different to other products on the market that are bleach based.

  38. Mould in shower

    Posted by Gay Scholes on 26th Jul 2017

    As soon as my spray and clean for mould arrived I sprayed it on the mould around the inside base of the shower. Next morning it was all gone and has not returned. Thrilled with the product.

  39. Great

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2017

    Use this always in the shower - keeps the mould away.

  40. Fantastic product!

    Posted by Sandra Johansen on 14th Jul 2017

    I don't have a mould problem just one stubborn little corner in my shower. This product is the only one that removed it. Amazing thank you.

  41. Works well

    Posted by Mel on 12th Jul 2017

    I normally use exit mould and the smell and fumes nearly kill me but this product has a lovely smell and works a treat . I need to use it a second time for a bad patch but it worked excellent on the other spots I had . I noticed a big difference the next day .

  42. great everlasting smell

    Posted by despina on 30th Jun 2017

    my daughter cleaned the bathroom just as a cleaner as i don't have mould yet and i walked in thinking what is that beautiful smell

  43. Spray for mould

    Posted by Judith Biggin on 29th Jun 2017

    An excellent product does what is claims to do

  44. sparkling showers

    Posted by Sue on 21st Jun 2017

    Cleaned the showers in my home , no more mould and no strong smell
    a great product

  45. It really does work!

    Posted by Kate, Canberra on 18th Jun 2017

    I used this in the shower with fantastic results! So pleased - the shower sparkles.

  46. BygumSpray and Clean for Mould

    Posted by Audrey Loveday on 15th Jun 2017

    Used this for the first time and it really got rid of all the mould. I may have overused it as the clove smell was a bit overpowering and lasted for 2 days.

  47. great product

    Posted by susan on 10th Jun 2017

    Great product

  48. First Time User

    Posted by Unknown on 18th May 2017

    Always looking for natural products to use around the house. So love the smell of this product nice to be able to use a product that does not knock you out with strong chemical smell.

  49. Spray for mould

    Posted by Carole Corr on 21st Feb 2017

    Spraying this and the aroma lasts for days and makes everything smell sooo fresh and clean

  50. Great product

    Posted by Sue on 21st Feb 2017

    Love this in the bathroom. Leaves everything smelling great

  51. Smells so nice!

    Posted by Lee-Anne Slinger on 1st Dec 2016

    Works well in the shower - the oil of clove smells amazing!

  52. Spray & clean

    Posted by Judith Rollinson on 7th Nov 2016

    This is my favourite item. Love it's cleaning capabilities and the oil of cloves lingers all day.

  53. Great Product

    Posted by Debby on 26th Oct 2016

    Really love this product - does what it says (with a little elbow grease) and the smell is amazing.

  54. Convenient

    Posted by Sue Rhoades on 17th Oct 2016

    As good as our homemade one. Great quality bottle as well.

  55. Amazing!

    Posted by Kristie on 29th Aug 2016

    This cleaned mild mould in my bathroom & did a wonderful job cleaning my sons bedroom walls.

  56. Mould gone

    Posted by Jill Reed on 25th Aug 2016

    This product has a great smell and mould gone

  57. Great Smell

    Posted by Heather on 3rd Aug 2016

    I have been really impressed with the result and smell in the house.

  58. Sparkle.

    Posted by Ruthie on 31st Jul 2016

    The first time I have used this product and I love it. Cleaned the tiles stainless steel and vanity all beautifully. The taps and rails sparkle and the smell is great. No mould and no wheezing while cleaning. This is definately a product I will be continuing to use.

  59. Mould gone!

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2016

    I use this in my shower as, living in Queensland's north, the mould is never far away. No more mould problems!

  60. gold star award

    Posted by ruth stansfield on behalf on deb kibble on 24th Jun 2016

    i brought this item for my daughter who said its by far the best product she has ever used, with small children and animals to clean up after and a mold problem in the home...they live in north queensland, she is amazed at how good it is....will be buying more of this product