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Came in for my monthly laundry powder buy today! Each time there has been a different staff member on, but each has been equally fabulous! 
My 8 year olds eczema has completely cleared up over the time I have been using the lavender laundry powder (som
ething we had never had cleared in 8 years)!!
I use all these cleaning products now and the essential oils. Cost effective, beautiful quality and beneficial to skin disorders. Love our visits! X  Wendy Chandler-Edwards  Facebook


Since using your products, I haven't looked back. I've always been a fan of eucalyptus oil, but now use a vast array of your other products including laundry powder and liquid, wool wash and mould remover. 10/10 MK Facebook 6th July

I brought this item for my daughter who said its by far the best product she has ever used, with small children and animals to clean up after and a mold problem in the home...they live in north queensland, she is amazed at how good it is....will be buying more of this product.  Product Review

I recently ordered a starter pack. When it arrived and I opened the box, WOW!! The eucalyptus scent was incredible. I straight away cleaned the toilet, then the bathroom. Now I'm addicted to cleaning. The dish washer powder is good, and the laundry powder amazing. The combination of the General Purpose spray and the Laundry Powder got out even old stains. 
Thank you for wonderful products. Will soon be ordering larger packs. Basics Bundle Product Review

When I first used your products it felt like I'd just discovered gold.  Basics Bundle Product Review

This bundle is amazing value and I love every single product! I can clean the whole house with the products in this bundle, the results are fantastic and the house smells so fresh and clean.  Basics Bundle Product Review

I love the multi purpose cleaner" I use it to mop my polished floor boards and it has a better result than anything else I've ever used. I also just use a tiny bit on a damp cloth to dust the house and it doesn't leave any streaks on anything and leaves the house smelling fresh and clean. I just love this product and find new uses for it all of the time! Cathy  Product Review

I Purchased your products from your shop in Marong on Sunday and was greeted by a lovely friendly and informative sales person the products are brilliant everything is so bright and clean and smell so fresh washing powder is fantastic dishwasher powder left everything sparkling definitely recommend all the products.  GD Facebook 

I love this wool wash....used to only use a wool wash for jumpers and the store bought one at that but now I've found this one I wash towels, sheets and delicates and the smell of freshness is amazing. I prefer liquids to powder and this is just great and get lots washes! H.E.  Product Review

I am a huge fan of all things bygum. I clean everything in the house with it. I love all products bygum, especially the new eucalyptus lollies !!! GD Product Review

We can make up many spray bottles of all-purpose surface cleaner using this product; very much cheaper than purchasing a new pump pack each time, just as, if not more effective, and obviously beneficial for the environment.
You should try it! David, Multi Purpose Cleaner Product Review

Love this laundry powder. All my laundry comes out smelling fresh and looking clean every time. If you knew my kids, you'd realise what a huge achievement this is! Rebecca, Product Review

Love the cleaning power and the smell and the machine is clean afterwards.  Glenda, Product Review

I love, love, love this product!
So much so, that I stocked up before we did our trip around Australia. This was a saving grace while we travelled. Such a brilliant product.
Excellent results every time and no harsh chemical fragrances left behind after you wash.
I love this so much, I just placed a huge order as now we are home, I never want to be without this product.
Can't recommend it highly enough - especially if you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to strong perfumes used in Laundry powders. Suzanne, Product Review

This is the best washing powder I have ever used. Clothes are beautifully cleaned and smell wonderful. Even the washing machine is cleaned and deodorised while washing the clothes. No need for fabric softener either. Recommend it to everyone.  T.S. Product Review

This is the best washing powder by far .. Even my daughter brings her partners work clothes over for washing , He's a mechanic ..great on grease and hard to move marks .. Product Review

Great product. Clothes come cleaner than with ordinary washing powder and no need to use sprays and softeners.  P.R.  Product Review

 Absolutely fabulous products I used to use Amway now use all these products and wouldn't use anything else. Thank you. By the way it all lasts ages so no need for giant buckets.  MD, Facebook June 20

My daughter had made a few orders of the washing powder for me, but recently I made my own purchase & received the free small bottle of eucalyptus oil. When I first smelled the oil, I thought that it had an unusual smell to it & smelled nothing like what you would purchase from chemists etc. But did I get a surprise when I decided to test it in hot water to wash my tile floors. Wow, the aroma is incredible & so strong. It made the house smell fresh, & cleaned the floors really well. I have since used a few drops in my laundrey & toilet floor drains to freshen them. Am about to order a large container of the oil now to make it up for cleaning the bathroom also..   RB Facebook June 26 at 12:11pm

Wow how much better is Australian Eucalyptus oil than the rubbish they sell in the supermarket. Found your product at a market about a month ago and love it.
JFM Facebook October 7, 2014 at 7:40pm
Yep just brought some again absolutely love it, dishwasher and contents always sparkling, and the laundry powder omg smells awesome so so good that I also readded this to my order
MFF Facebook March 14 at 5:30pm
 I just love my eucalyptus products.... Cleaned my bathroom yesterday! the aroma was beautiful.. Highly reccomend these products... I am one satisfied customer for sure..
KM Facebook February 16 at 1:24pm

 I'm so addicted to your products . I'm needing to place an order for washing powder, dishwashing powder, and all purpose spray. I'll be watching for specials 

CJ Facebook October 7, 2014 at 7:39pm
Love your products they are the best! been using them for a few months now and I'm so impressed!
JM Facebook October 7, 2014 at 7:21pm 

It is with great pleasure that I contribute a testimonial about Eucalyptus Oil.
It is by far the most beautiful, powerful and pure eucalyptus oil I have discovered in Australia. I have been using it now for several years as my primary cleaning agent around the house, laundry and car and I always take some with me where ever I travel too. It does all the wonderful things that a good eucalyptus is supposed to –  cleans, disinfects, purifies and always leaves an amazing clean aroma.
My personal favourite way to enjoy Bygum Eucalyptus is as an Aromatherapy Oil. I use it daily in my essential oil diffuser for purity, detoxification and the upliftment it offers.
It's unique deep bush aroma is the finest I have come across!
I add a few drops of Bygum Eucalyptus Oil to a base oil for a deeply relaxing, healing body oil that has helped me through many aches and pains over the years.
It is my favourite all round essential oil for sure and I always tell people that it is indeed, one of Australia’s gifts to the world.

Thank you Bev and Tony!