If we don’t look after the bush – the bush won’t look after us 
- Anne McKean 1895


The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company operates in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner and in accordance with all acts and regulations applicable to the production of eucalyptus oil in Australia.

The production of Bygum Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil does not harm the eucalyptus plant in any way as only the branchlets and leaves are cut, leaving the plant to regrow and be ready for cutting again within 2 years.

The Eucalyptus plants cut by The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company have been cut for the production of eucalyptus Oil for almost 120 years without harm.

When cut, the areas provide an excellent firebreak and refuge for native animals as well as helping regenerate local flora.

The plants grow in a completely natural environment without any form of intervention.

There are no pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, other chemicals or irrigation used.