Our History

Modern history of Eucalyptus Oil production began in Australia in 1788 with the arrival of the first fleet and the commencement of the colonisation of Australia by the British and then British/European settlers.

The first recorded commercial production of Eucalyptus Oil began is 1852 when Joseph Bosisto commenced operations in the Dandenong Creek areasouth east of Melbourne near the Dandenong ranges.



The oil became known for its medicinal properties at a time when there were few other options available, and found a ready market in the primitive but growing new colony as well as finding demand in world markets.

Our family first commenced the production of Eucalyptus Oil in the Arnold Area in central west Victoria in 1895.

My family was granted a licence by the then Government of Victoria to operate a Eucalyptus Oil Distillery.

The work was hard and laborious and due to the “stew pot” method employed the production was quite small.

None the less there was enough Eucalyptus Oil produced to warrant travelling by rail to Melbourne several times year with the Oil for selling to others.


Throughout the years the Eucalyptus Oil industry in Australia has had its share of hard times – shortages of labour during the war years, the rise of overseas plantations producing oil from inferior varieties at much lower cost, and the low price of eucalyptus oil in the market.

Despite this our family has been a producer of “Blue Mallee” Eucalyptus Oil since 1895 and we can arguably claim to be the oldest surviving family owned producer of Australian Eucalyptus Oil.

I am now the fourth generation of our family to proudly continue our family’s direct involvement the Australian Eucalyptus Oil Industry.

Since those very early days our distillery and harvesting methods have undergone significant change and we have experienced and experimented with all of the different production methods developed over the years.



Today we run a modern harvesting and distillery operation that is as efficient as any other that we know of and we are continuously evolving.

Under my leadership our family remains committed to the Eucalyptus Oil industry in Australia and the production of the highest quality Eucalyptus Oil ever discovered.