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Banksia Scent Pot

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Our individually hand turned Banksia Scent Pots are a fantastic and all - natural way to disperse pure essential oils into any area.

You can use these beautifully crafted items anywhere in the home (kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, toilets, wardrobes, drawers) and even in vehicles ,caravans, campers or boats to keep the air around you beautifully fragrant or to disperse any unpleasant odours anywhere. 

To use simply fill your scent pots with Australian Eucalyptus oil or any other essential oil.  

For extra aroma place a few drops of oil around the outside of the scent pot when you initially fill and each time you refill.

The banksia cone will soak up the oil and fragrance your area for weeks at a time.


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  1. Wonder oil

    Posted by Jennifer GOGEL on 9th Jul 2018

    This little banksia pot is perfect for the oil of cloves. Lovely cloves smell for my kitchen

  2. Iconic

    Posted by Jo Wilde on 26th Mar 2018

    So cute. Nothing like it

  3. Love these!

    Posted by Leanne Foley on 3rd Mar 2018

    I have several all over the house, in rooms and robes. They are like little scent bombs that I can move around the house for fresh, clean fragrances of the great range of oils to choose from.

  4. Banksia Scent Pot

    Posted by Joanne Walmsley on 27th Feb 2018

    I absolutely love my little scent pot, and will be back to my more as gifts for friends and family.

  5. Scent pot

    Posted by Susan Anderson on 22nd Feb 2018

    I love my scent pot I have 1 in bathroom and 1 in my bedroom love walking into these rooms and smelling the fragrance from them as you walk in. Will be getting more to use in other rooms of the house

  6. Banksia Scent Pot purchase

    Posted by Milee on 19th Feb 2018

    I had purchased several banksia scent pots as gifts for relatives overseas. They arrived on time, smelled fresh and my family all loved them. I was very happy with the purchase

  7. Cute

    Posted by Julie Chandler on 25th Jan 2018

    Looks great & room smells good with essential oils in the cone. Have one on my bedside table with sleep essential oils in it.

  8. Lovely Banksia!

    Posted by Leanne Foley on 25th Jan 2018

    I love the Banksia nut so this is bias as my Grandfather used to make Banksia ornaments for everyone and show off his woodworking skills! You do have to refill the pot a few time to let the oil seep through the wood, it seems a lot but once it infuses with the wood the cent is there forever. I will be getting more of these little scent treats to put every where.

  9. Gorgeous

    Posted by Louise K on 24th Jan 2018

    Love my Banksia scent pot, makes a great present too smells amazing and looks gorgeous

  10. Perfect little gift

    Posted by Brian on 24th Jan 2018

    Mum has it in her bedroom, and just a nice smell everytime you go in there, perfect little present which you can use.

  11. Beautiful

    Posted by TRACY PARKER on 7th Jan 2018

    Makes the room smell fresh for ages

  12. banksia pot

    Posted by Fay Peckham on 26th Dec 2017

    even though its is smaller than i thought it works beautifully love how it looks and the oils smell great cant wait to get my next oil order,i want to try them all.

  13. Looks Good Anywhere.

    Posted by Margaret Gissing on 19th Dec 2017

    This Banksia Scent Pot is so Australian. Love it. It just fits right in.

  14. love them

    Posted by Judy Jamieson on 19th Dec 2017

    Really like these and have had comments from visitors on them

  15. Great idea

    Posted by Tiffany Murray on 6th Dec 2017

    I really want to love this but I find that the scent doesn't last long unfortunately. I figure maybe after a longer period the oil will become more impregnated in the wood and that will have a better result maybe. It is gorgeous though and I love the concept.

  16. Great for an Xmas gift

    Posted by Liz McLean on 18th Oct 2017

    These little pots make great gifts. They are so unique and suit any style of home. I will be ordering quite a few for Xmas gifts, and some for myself of course.

  17. Attractive & Natural

    Posted by Denise Dangerfield on 18th Oct 2017

    I love the natural look of these little pots, great to have in the toilet, laundry and I even have one near my rubbish bin.
    A natural way to have a lovely fragrance in your house

  18. Lovely

    Posted by Katherine Rayner on 28th Sep 2017

    I use this in my living room with a mixture of the Bygum essential oils. It lets out a lovely, fresh aroma and looks great.

  19. Sculpture by Tree

    Posted by Fiona on 11th Sep 2017

    An original and perfect way to keep air and cupboards moth and smell free. Quite perfect in shape and colour and unexpectedly the ridges feel velvety to touch

  20. Great for the laundry

    Posted by Kelly Gooda on 8th Aug 2017

    I use this for my laundry area. I have added a mix of bygum clove oil, eucalyptus and cinnamon oil and it's very strong, and very comforting.

  21. so cute

    Posted by despina on 30th Jun 2017

    just luv this gorgeous little pot my daughter suffers with daily headaches and she keeps it by her bedside filled with peppermint oil.Its so beautifully crafted

  22. banskia pot

    Posted by Sam on 3rd Jun 2017

    looks lovely but uses up a lot of oil & doesn't hold the smell for very long

  23. Pot

    Posted by Faith on 18th May 2017

    Sorry I didn't know what to do with it

  24. Unique oil diffuser

    Posted by Linda Kalle on 9th Feb 2017

    These little banksia pots are beautiful to look at and only require a little bit of oil to diffuse your favourite aromatherapy oil. Just great in my bathroom.

  25. Great smell

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Nov 2016

    Love this sitting around as smells so good wherever you put it. Looks good too.

  26. Banksia air freshness

    Posted by Toni on 9th Nov 2016

    These are such a great idea, natural and they look amazing!!!!! The packaging was awesome to keep them safe!!!!

  27. Great idea

    Posted by Kerrie Mcgregor on 23rd Oct 2016

    I bought 2 banksia pots they look so natural one is in laundry with lavender oil and the other is in the bathroom with peppermint oil also excellent gift idea.

  28. Beautiful fragrance

    Posted by Judy on 16th Oct 2016

    These little pots pack a punch....put some essential oil in and they will leave your cupboards or wardrobes really fragrant

  29. Easiest way to use essential oil

    Posted by CB on 11th Oct 2016

    This is a little gem. I just drop oil in the top and enjoy the waft. Only good in smaller spaces. I use on my night stand w lavender and sleep so well!

  30. Heavenly bathrooms

    Posted by Karen on 11th Oct 2016

    Filled mine with lemon myrtle oil and put in my bathrooms - smell fresh for weeks.

  31. Banksia Pot

    Posted by Cheryl on 26th Sep 2016

    Well crafted so natural looking something totally different had many comments on how unusual it is

  32. Beautifully Crafted

    Posted by Karen P on 25th Sep 2016

    These little banksia pots are unique, beautifully crafted and nice to touch. The oil dose not seem to last as an effective fragrance pot however, they do look very nice sitting in the bathroom or anywhere in the house.

  33. Versatile

    Posted by Kristie on 29th Aug 2016

    I put my lavender oil & peppermint oil in my pots, smells lovely & lasts for ages.

  34. Very classy

    Posted by Joanne McIntyre on 26th Aug 2016

    A fabulous addition to your products. I love them!

  35. Fantastic

    Posted by Debbie on 24th Aug 2016

    This is a fantastic idea. I put it in my bathroom to keep it smelling fresh and clean.