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Bygum Aussie Bush Spray

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 *Super Strength***Long Lasting***All Natural***Eucalyptus***Peppermint

 It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – if it’s outside, at the beach or in the bush if flies and mozzies are annoying you this summer – annoy them back with Bygum Aussie Bush Spray !

This is a fantastic ALL NATURAL Lemon Eucalyptus and Peppermint formula that flies, mosquito’s and other creepy crawlies DON’T LIKE – in fact you could say “they really hate it” because they won’t come near you if you have some on.

Just spray on exposed areas and on clothing, under hat brims and so forth.

For your face and other sensitive areas spray on hands and rub plenty on.

For best results apply liberally by spraying close to skin – that way you get much better results and it lasts much longer.

Bygum Aussie Bush Spray is also great for spraying in and around the openings of swags, tents and sleeping bags when in use and before you roll them up and put them away after using. 

Please note: 500ml, 1 Litre and 5 Litre sizes are refill options. No spray nozzle included on these sizes.


Product Reviews

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  1. Great Smell

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr 2020

    Was in Broome last year - midges and mozzies were at their best - used this spray and was delighted with not a single bite. Has a pleasant smell and it really does work

  2. Great for my sensitive skinned daughter

    Posted by Sharon Winbanks on 26th Feb 2020

    My daughter gets pus filled blisters from mosquito and biting midges, and her skin is sensitive to soap and other lotions. So finding a repellent that did the job but did not irritate her skin was a challenge! Over the holidays she was outside at dusk with her sister and cousin (who had not applied any repellent), and her cousin was the only one bitten. Smells great too!

  3. Enjoying the Outdoors

    Posted by G M W on 9th Jan 2020

    Great product that really works! It passed the test when on the beach, banishing flies, March flies and mozzies. Pleasant smell and long lasting .Natural product is a big plus!

  4. Aussie Bush Spray

    Posted by Chris on 8th Jan 2020

    This really works and it is so natural. Using all the time for mud flys in QLD

  5. Keeps the mossies away

    Posted by anita on 7th Jan 2020

    Works great!

  6. Flies away

    Posted by Dianne Mitchell on 26th Nov 2019

    Use for spraying around doors & windows & keeps flies away also use in golf cart & works well

  7. Buzz no more

    Posted by Vivienne Burnett on 3rd Nov 2019

    Non aerosol, compact container.
    I have used this for a few Fly seasons now. And am pleased with the product.

  8. Bug buster

    Posted by Roz McLean on 14th May 2019

    My son lives in an area that has Midgees’s to which I have an allergic reaction this is the only natural product I have found that keeps me bite free

  9. Side Effect.

    Posted by Johnno on 5th May 2019

    It just works a treat. Used it on some family members who blow up in big bumps from Mozzie Bites - They said it was very soothing on bites they already had and they loved the fresh smell.

  10. strong smell but works

    Posted by vera on 13th Apr 2019

    strong smell makes me sneeze, however, the spray does not last the full life of product, I've bought 6 of these overtime, and all of them only manage to spray half the product.

    Hi Vera
    Our bottle is designed to work upside down. It has a little ball bearing in the tube. If you shake the bottle or take the top off and adjust the ball bearing the bottle will work.
    Kind regards

  11. Bye bye bugs

    Posted by Chez on 30th Mar 2019

    I have just discovered this products. It’s amazing, pleasant smell and the bugs and insects are gone.

  12. Aussie Bush Spray

    Posted by Margaret Wallbridge on 23rd Jan 2019

    Aussie Bush Spray works better than other personal insect repellents I’ve tried, with the added bonus that it is all natural.

  13. Bush spray

    Posted by janet on 17th Jan 2019

    LOVE IT!!!!

  14. Flies

    Posted by Ina on 10th Jan 2019

    Good for pesky flies but would have liked a longer lasting deterrent.

  15. Not an effective product

    Posted by Marion Deery on 7th Jan 2019

    I bought this for use with a crowd of people (20+). All that used it said it was useless, if it worked at all, it lasted 20 min, before having to reapply it. Not ideal......

    Hi Marion
    So sorry you didn't have a good result. Did you completely cover your skin? Where did you mainly get bitten?

  16. very affective

    Posted by anne boss on 30th Dec 2018

    I have just purchased your bush spray recently and have found it to be very effective especially as i live near the forest! I wouldn't go for my morning walk without it!

  17. Fabulous

    Posted by Cathy Pearse on 27th Dec 2018

    The best bug spray I've ever used . Its very strong you don't need to use much, it lasts for ages..

  18. Tested in the Serengeti

    Posted by Kirsten Campbell on 4th Nov 2018

    Our family recently took Aussie Bug Spray on Safari to Africa. We were hoping for something that was effective but gentle on skin, and were not disappointed. We were the only ones on our trip who didn’t have a single mozzie or tsetse fly bite! Great product that we will continue to use from now on.

  19. It really works

    Posted by Katerina Annels on 12th Mar 2018

    Was dubious when I ordered this product after trying many natural insect repellents, but this actually works. And BONUS it smells good too.

  20. Buzz Off

    Posted by TRACY PARKER on 8th Mar 2018

    I was sent this as a giveaway last year and loved it.
    So much better than those deet products in supermarkets which stink like anything and don’t do anything but attract flies and mozzies...this works and because I live around parklands where there’s lots of mozzies I put this on before I go out walking with my dog...great stuff

  21. Buzz off Mozzies

    Posted by Karren Ward on 25th Feb 2018

    Brought this for my grand kids. Seems to be working.

  22. It works!!

    Posted by Deb Parker on 20th Feb 2018

    Love the Bygum Bush Spray, it actually works a treat. Much better than other products.

  23. Aussie Bush spray

    Posted by Susan Anderson on 19th Feb 2018

    I have not used this product I bought for my daughter and grandkids and they love it the grandkids were getting eaten alive but since using this product they have not been bitten so another amazing product from you guys well done

  24. no bites

    Posted by Noreen on 29th Jan 2018

    I just love this product, no toxic fumes no toxic residue on skin, a nice clean smell and a product the works thankyou

  25. Bugagone

    Posted by Maurice Adamthwaite on 29th Jan 2018

    Excellent product smells nice aswell.

  26. Insect oil

    Posted by Margie on 24th Jan 2018

    Fantastic. Keeps bugs at bay, even midgees. I will buy again. The spray container allows you to spray a little or a lot. Love it

  27. Flies and Mozzies be gone!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2018

    This smells wonderful and a great scent compared to more well known commercial sprays on the market. Works well for personal protection and also discourages midges.

  28. Awesome

    Posted by Shannon Ludekens on 7th Jan 2018

    Work on the sand flies as well

  29. Magic!

    Posted by Suzie Barnes on 31st Dec 2017

    Went to making caravan park and stumbled across this little Shop that sells these magic products. Aussie bush spray is the best. Bye bye flys and mozzies.

  30. Magic!

    Posted by Suzie Barnes on 31st Dec 2017

    Went to making caravan park and stumbled across this little Shop that sells these magic products. Aussie bush spray is the best. Bye bye flys and mozzies.

  31. Sort of works

    Posted by Geoff Barker on 29th Dec 2017

    I was looking for a repellent that deterred the flies and mozzies, without half killing me in the process. This one keeps the critters at bay for a while, but you need to re-apply fairly often. And it clears your sinuses at the same time!

  32. Fantastic

    Posted by DANA ADAMS on 28th Nov 2017

    Really does work on keeping all the nasties away. Love it.

  33. It's perfect

    Posted by Jenny Ellmers on 28th Nov 2017

    I couldn't be happier with the bush spray. I purchased the 125ml size bottle, it fits so easily in my bag or back pack. The smell is amazing, it truly is beautiful, all those amazing essential oils. And the best bit, it actually works. The mozzies are ferocious where I live, and are thankfully held at bay by this wonderful natural spray.
    Thank you - I love it, and will be ordering more.

  34. Mozzie spray

    Posted by Amanda Roberts on 15th Nov 2017

    Tried it for the first time last last night kept the mozzies away ! Yay
    Thankyou for sending the spray bottle and the lollies are amazing

  35. Safe to Use

    Posted by Sue Rhoades on 10th Nov 2017

    Great for sensitive skin and chemical/fragrance allergies.

  36. Use anywhere without hesitation

    Posted by Karen mac on 11th Sep 2017

    Natural, fantastic, comments from everyone.

  37. Great repellent

    Posted by Christine Crew on 28th Jun 2017

    Works amazingly well, against the mossies. Would highly recommend this product.

  38. Not a lover of the smell

    Posted by Wendy on 31st Jan 2017

    Have not tired on mozzies yet, we seem to be having a break from them (not enough rain). We do have Horse /March flies and it seems to work, those pesty things always find a spot that you missed spraying.
    I have been spraying around the dog kennels and it seems to be working.

  39. Fantastic! Works wonderfully

    Posted by Ali Hess on 30th Jan 2017

    Love the product, 1st time we used it was camping & it kept both flys and mozzies off us. We also have used it around home where we get bad midges and it works perfectly. Smells great & is easy to apply. Great product that I would highly recommend.

  40. Best product EVER

    Posted by Martha G on 28th Jan 2017

    I received this item as a bonus - took it to the beach... no flies, mozzies or ants!!! I am now a lifelong customer if this product and every one who used it near me is one too!!!!

  41. All natural insect repellent

    Posted by Marinette Schemali on 9th Jan 2017

    With this humid weather we are having in Melbourne, there are lots of flies and mozzies. When I use the spray before walking outside, I am not bothered by them.

  42. Great stuff

    Posted by Carol Jordan on 9th Jan 2017

    Living in the tropics this stuff is fabulous ... smells great

  43. Be gone mozzies with Bygum Aussie Bush spray

    Posted by Mira Tomasello on 8th Jan 2017

    We had guests over and outside for the New Years party and the mozzies were eating us alive. I remembered that I had recently ordered and received the Aussie Bush spray and brought it out for all to use. All I can say is WOW!! Everyone took photos on their phone of the product and were going to order some when they got back home. Not only did it work a treat it smells amazing and has a moisturising effect. The best insect repellant I have ever used!!